SANOSAT-1 [NEPAL-PQ1] Communication Protocols

The frame format for digital repeater is as follows:

Preamble Sync Length of Tx Data CRC1 0xFF 0xFF 0x00 0x00 Data CRC 2
Sync: 0x2D, 0xD4 (Sent MSB first) Length= Length (CRC1+ Data + CRC2) CRC1: CRC of Length and is of 2 bytes CRC2 is of 2 bytes= CRC of (Length + 0xFF 0xFF + 0x00 0x00 + Data) Note: CRC is set to CRC CCIT with Initial Value=0xFFFF

The telemetry format is as follows:

AM9NPQ, DepSts, Vbat, Icharge, Temp_COM, Temp_BAT, NOR, Rad DepSts= Antenna Deployment Status Vbat= Battery Voltage Icharge= Charging Current Temp_COM= Communication Temperature Temp_BAT= Battery Temperature NOR= No of Resets Rad= Radiation dose rate in uSv/hr MORE DETAILS WILL BE PUBLISHED LATER

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