About Us

AMSAT is a worldwide organization of amateur radio satellite operators. It was formed in 1969 as an educational organization in the District of Columbia. AMSAT’s goal is to foster Amateur Radio’s participation in space research and communication. The Organization was founded to continue the efforts, begun in 1961, by Project OSCAR, a west coast USA-based group which built and launched the very first Amateur Radio satellite, OSCAR, on December 12, 1961, barely four years after the launch of Russia’s first Sputnik.

With the similar objective, AMSAT Nepal was formed and represents the amateur satellite operator community in Nepal. AMSAT Nepal is registered under the Office of Company Registrar, Nepal under the group of non- profit distributing company. It was registered under the name ‘Amateur Radio Satellite Samaj Nepal’ (Translation of ‘Society of Amateur Radio Operators’ in Nepali) with short form as AMSAT Nepal.

The main objectives of AMSAT-Nepal are to encourage amateur radio operators in the field of amateur satellites, build amateur radio kits for educational purpose and provide training. The other objective of AMSAT Nepal is to facilitate the process of frequency allocation from the side of Government of Nepal to the Amateur satellite builders from Nepal.


Mr. Satish Kharel [9N1AA]Advisor
Mr. Rakesh Chandra PrajapatiAdvisor
Dr. Rajendra Adhikari [9N1JI]President
Mr. Jiten Thapa [9N1JT]Vice-President
Mr. Saurav Paudel [9N1PO]Secretary
Mr. Pravin Raj Joshi [9N1KK]Executive Member
Ms. Shruti Shah [9N1HS]Treasurer
Ms. Kalpana Pokhrel Kharel [9N1MM] Executive Member
Ms. Kamala Chhetri Upreti [9N1YL] Executive Member
Mr. Amar Duwal [9N1DW] Executive Member
Mr. Sushil Dhungana Executive Member