Frequency Co-ordination with ITU

Every Satellite must be coordinated with ITU (International Telecommunication Union) for the frequency usage.
This is done in order to avoid Interference: Frequency Allocation, Frequency Coordination, Power Limit, Recording and Monitoring. It must be done only through the National Regulatory Body responsible for ITU coordination. According to ITU, the responsible body for Nepal is: MoCIT (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The process might take from 3 months to 7 years. To launch in H2 2020, the coordination must be started  before February 2020.


Request from MoCIT for the Coordination between MoCIT and ITU:

  • Submission of API to ITU for Frequency Coordination.
    • API is generated by the satellite operators (AMSAT-Nepal) using SpaceCap software provided by ITU. It contains all the technical information regarding the satellite emissions such as: Transmitted Power, Type of Antenna used, data rate, modulation scheme, radiation pattern, etc.

Requests from MoCIT to NEPAL-PQ1:

  • Call Signs for Satellite and Ground Station to operate in UHF amateur Band (435 MHz – 438 MHz). bandwidth of 5 kHz in minimum.
  • License for Long Range Testing in UHF Amateur Band (Allocation of Bandwidth of 5 kHz between 435 MHz – 438 MHz).

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