Hari Ram Shrestha, Online Space Workshop 2020

Obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from College of Information and Technology (CITE), Purbanchal University. He is also a permanent staff of the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) since 2010. Now he is doing his Master’s degree in Space Engineering Course under the Cho lab at the Department of Applied Science Advancement Integrated System Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology (KyuTech) Japan. Moreover,He is also team member of BIRDS-3 and BIRDS-4 CubeSat Projects as well as he is a one of the member of Nepal’s first satellite NepaliSat-1 (Nanosatellite) from the Nepal which was launched in 17th April 2019 from USA. whereas BIRDS-4 CubeSat Project has under the environmental test phase.

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