Mr. Sanidhya Vijaywat, OSW2020

Sanidhya Vijaywat is currently working as an Engineer at the Indian Space
Research Organization. (ISRO). Being a space enthusiast, he pursued his Bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) and specialized in the field of Avionics Engineering. As a student, he actively took part in various small satellite projects of the Institute.

He worked as an intern for the Mission Design and Analysis of the INSPIRESAT-3 project at Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP, CU BOULDER). In the final semester project, he developed an On-Board Computer with a System On-Chip processor for the IIST’s AAReST Mirror Satellite.
He actively takes part in discussions related to space technology and actively looks for various opportunities to grow his knowledge.

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