Mr. Tom Walkinshaw, OSW2020

Tom Walkinshaw, Founder and CEO of Alba Orbital, started the company in his bedroom in 2012 building prototype PocketQubes, which would eventually be flown on orbit. Tom has more cumulative years developing PocketQubes than anyone else worldwide, leading Alba Orbital to its position as the leading company in the picosatellite development field. As of December 2019, Alba Orbital launched the largest PocketQube cluster in history after putting six picosatellites in-orbit. Under Tom’s leadership, Alba Orbital continues to grow from strength to strength, having scheduled Alba Cluster 3 for Q4 2020, which will be the first launch in history to send PocketQubes to Low earth Orbit in the double digits. Tom has won many awards and accolades including GCU Alumni of the Year (2019), 39th Coolest person in Scotland and Forbes 30 under 30 to name a few. Tom is passionate about getting more people to build and launch their own satellites!’

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